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The purpose of the Marble Art Guild is for artists who have a presence in Marble, Colorado to have a place to organize, have discussions and share resources. We hope to create a collective voice and nurture the creative culture of the town through cooperation and education. 

On the second Saturday of each month this summer, we we will have one or more local artists offering classes and/or demonstrations in different spots throughout the town. This will allow locals and newcomers alike to interact with them and possibly learn something new.


June 8
July 13

(Author Fair)
August 10

(Marble Fest)
September 14 

Some classes are free, others have a small fee to cover materials. Tip jars will be available for the artists.

The Marble Hub can process debit/credit card payments

for class fees. 

If you would like to help expand our art program, donations are also accepted by The Marble Hub.


Authors' Fair - Book Signing 1-4PM
Astronomy/Telescope Demo 9-10PM - Alex Menard 

 Yoga Class (10$) 9-10AM - Jamie Fisk 
Larry Good, Doug Whitney & Mario Villalobos - 
"Let's Write a Song Today" Music class 10AM-12PM
 Woodcarving Class  1-4PM- Rex &Vickie Branson

Marble Gallery 
Marble Carving Demo 10AM-4PM - Laurie McDermott  
Glass Jewelry Demo 1-4PM - Pam Wadsworth 
Marble Polishing & Bead Making
(25$) 2-4PM - Monique Villalobos & Jason Congdon

Abstract Marble Gift Shop
 Marble Carving Demo 10-4 pm-Max Harris 

Marble/marble Symposium Site
 Marble Carving Demo 10AM-4PM-Madeline Wiener

Open Studio
Tracey Harris 1-4Pm-415 W. Park, Marble

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