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Two of the Hub's founders,

Connie Hendrix and Charlotte Graham. 

About Us


     The Marble Hub is much more than a coffee shop!

We are a local non-profit that focuses on community education and visitor information. Revenue goes back into the community in the form of events, classes and amenities. We offer free visitor information and free

Wi-Fi as well as a great cup of coffee.


     Located in the hundred year old "Marble City Bank Building", the Hub is run by an all volunteer staff. We opened in 2011 through the determined efforts of long time local Charlotte Graham who envisioned a 'Hub of Marble' where local groups could work together to benefit our small community. After many years and over 100 different volunteers her vision is still going strong as we work to serve our town. 

History of the Bank Building

     Built in 1909 by Dr. E. W. Fuller the Hub started its life as a millinery shop, "The Emporium" by Mrs. Lou Bantock. It was a 'boom' time for Marble and by 1911 the town had grown to over 1000 people. By January of 1912 the building became home to the town first bank "The Marble City State Bank".


     With the start of World War I Marble became a practical ghost town, however. Many of the workers returned to their home countries of Austria and Italy to join the war efforts and the stone that the town's economy was based around was considered nonessential. The bank eventually closed in 1918 and Marble's population dwindled to around 100 people. 

     In 1925 Gunnison County purchased the building in a tax sale and it was used for the Road and Bridge operation. John Darien, a county employee, lived upstairs for a number of years, using the downstairs portion as his shop. It is said he would pull the vehicles right into the main room, where the coffee bar now sits, to work on them.  With his death in 1989 the building sat empty.



The Hub building in 1942
courtesy of the Denver Library


The Hub building in 2019

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