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Join a committee, or start one! Committees are a great way to get involved and give back while working on a specific goal. Is there something you would like to see in Marble? Let's make it happen. From Art and Music Festivals to Community Gardens, Fundraisers to Community get-togethers. The possibilities really are endless. Below is a list of different projects/dreams that community members have expressed interest in. If you wish to dive in, take the lead on one or want to add an idea to the list don't hesitate to contact us! 

Project Ideas:

  • Community Garden / Greenhouse - Here is one that has been kicked around for many years. Anyone interested in taking point on this or just wanting to help with the planning and grant writing process please contact The Hub.
  • Ice Rink - Revive the old rink at the Mill Site perhaps? We think some of it is still around.
  • Public Playground for kids

Thanks! Message sent.

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